Arajin Demq / Head of State (2016/Movie) full

Armenian Movies

Arajin Demq - PlayHouse Films presents a romantic comedy by Grant Eritskinyan....

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Aramma (2015/Full Movie)

Armenian Movies

Aramma - Aram is the protagonist of the film. He decided to go on a tourist trip to relax, to change an atmosphere and to get a lot of new impressions, as the main character had never gone on a similar trip. So now he has an opportunity to get some new experiences....

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Anavart Trichq (2015/Full Movie)

Armenian Movies

Anavart Trichq - the film based on a true story. Film devoted to the memory of victims of the airliner A-320, which crashed May 2006. The flight was from Yerevan to Sochi....

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Vay Mama Jan (2016/Full Movie)

Armenian Movies

Vay Mama Jan - “Menk” production and the Amazgain theatre present their new project: a new comedy movie is filming now; Karapet Balyan, Karine Janjughazyan, Armine Pogosyan, Davit Akopyan, Gaguik Madoyan, Tatev Kazaryan are starring in it....

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Siro Gorcakic (2015/Full Movie)

Armenian Movies

Siro Gorcakic - Ladies and gentlemen, our new film is ready for the audience. It is a result of complex, thorough, but interesting and enjoyable work at the same time....

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Paxir Kam Amusnacir (2016/Full Movie)

Armenian Movies

Paxir Kam Amusnacir - 3 Mar in every cinema watch adventure comedy “Run or get married” The film is about Agasik, an ordinary taxi driver which drives an extraordinary car “the Rocket”, which is very popular with tourists....

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Zgushaceq Kanayq en (2015/Movie)

Armenian Movies

Zgushaceq Kanayq en - what rejected women are capable of… The audience will know soon in a new armenian comedy....

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Skotch ev Viski (2015/Full Movie)

Armenian Movies

Scotch & Whiskey - a difficult period in the life of almost every couple comes sooner or later. Mika and Eva, the main characters, found quite unexpectedly that they were mixed up in a chain of incredible events and adventures....

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Kyanq u Kriv (2016/Full Movie)

Armenian Movies

The Line - almost 5 months have passed since the beginning of shooting. The film is about human values, friendship, love and patriotism....

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Baxtaber (2015/Full Movie)

Armenian Movies

Baxtaber is a sequel of Baxtaber series. Action takes place “a year after; the film will tell the story of this year, it will be known why the heroine appeared at the court charged with the murder of David, the main character. Previously, in the series, there was much told about the Miriam’s child,...

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An amazing world of Armenian movies

Armenian movies online are available now for watching for all fans of the cinema. Both modern and historical, they will not leave the audience indifferent. Everything is here: detectives, thrillers, historical films, melodrama, comedy and love stories.

You like fast-developing action and charismatic characters? Or do you prefer ironic, witty dialogues, when the meaning is only in the intonations? Or maybe you like crazy adventures when the only thing happening on the screen is an absurd? These are Armenian films!

Armenian must-see movies

This cinematograph is free from all Hollywood clichés. Armenian films have their own intense and emotional atmosphere. It goes without saying that the spirit of Armenia and Armenian people is perfectly presented in these films unlike in any other. Even the craziest comedy presents a bit of the national philosophy.

• Films describing historical events through lives of the characters: tragedies, loss, and shattered expectations. They have much to rethink, to be able to revive for a happy life again.

• Return to the land of their ancestors, gaining their national roots. These pictures will captivate you with bright and challenging destinies of their heroes, searching for themselves in a world of globalization, where losing of family roots is so easy.

• Fathers and children. The topic reveals all relationship between the generations. Conflicts of values and worldview are woven into a dense tangle with relations. Is there a chance to solve it?

• Women's films. You can consider it as a separate, self-sufficient direction. Story of woman who answers questions about the meaning of her life, role in society, and search for love and self-realization.

• Sitcom. Even in the most ridiculous situation Armenians stay true to their selves and find ingenious solutions of problems!

• Armenian love story and romantic comedy present all in one: modern customs intertwined with customs of ancestors; passions and crazy actions; pure emotions! Nobody could remain indifferent.

• Mysticism, thriller. This film direction in Armenia is rather young, but it can grate on your nerves.

• Detective stories- money, blood, revenge and search for justice. Armenian films have dynamic story and high-quality action.

• Animated films. Colorful stories with epic of Armenian people, tales of the famous authors.

Everyone can find here his suitable movie genre. Choose, watch, have fun right now, without going out!

Armenian comedy movies online

You want to raise your mood? Watch Armenian comedy movies! Here you will find funny stories, hilarious scenes and humor in the dialogues! Incredibly colorful characters get into ridiculous situations but they don't lose their mind on the way to the aim! Even a simple situation can instantly turn into a comedy of an absurd, mixed with southern temperament. As a result, you will laugh extremely!

Our website is a real treasure of contemporary Armenian movie, a large number of films - serious, sad, funny, ironic, philosophical. They invite the audience in a rich and exciting world!